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Adv. Service Advisor Course

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SIP Training

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ProShop Manager

Independent Automotive Repair facilities are now more than ever required to stay on the leading edge of management practices, policies and procedures through training. The PROShop Manager program will place you on that leading edge, through a series of comprehensive SHOP IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (SIP) training seminars, which evolve later into NAPA PROSHOP PERFORMANCE Groups. These seminars put you in a position to benefit from the tremendous opportunities, available to you and your business, in the automotive repair industry.

ProShop Performance Groups

Attain specific Automotive Management skills for you and your staff without expensive training costs on a per person basis, and realize the true potential of your repair facility. Enjoy the camaraderie of other shop owners in your market area and learn your real competition is not all the other independent shops in your area.

Repair facilities like yours come together every month to receive training, solve concerns affecting their business, implement solutions and take better care of their customers.

In these performance groups we will:

  • Analyze your business on a monthly basis and look for the most lucrative areas of opportunity to increase profits and lower stress.
  • Provide a proven tool to help stay on track and implement solutions.
  • Encourage you to go at your own pace and only implement what you believe will work for you in your facility and area.
  • Provide advanced training for you and your staff in the evenings at no extra charge.
  • Provide training on Service Advisor skills, time management, shop systems and procedures, and marketing programs.
  • Encourage you to implement solutions only when you see how the solution will benefit the customer, employees and of course you the owner.
  • All first time shops may attend their first performance group at no cost.  This way the shop can see what the group is all about before committing


Commitment: Three months at a time.  
After any three month interval you can choose not to continue.
Fee: $350.00 per facility (+ taxes).  
No limit of attendees per facility
Time: Varies by location
When: Once a month, ten times per year. Excludes July & August.

NAPA sponsors and supports these ProShop Manager Performance Groups facilitated by T.A.C.T. Inc (Total Automotive Consulting & Training).
If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact us at (866) 489-8228 or email us from our contact page.

Shop Improvement Program (SIP) Training

In this course we will:


Provide Service Advisors with the organizational tools & skills to operate a highly efficient & profitable repair facility
Provide a true and accurate Service Advisor job description
Present & write profitable work orders
Provide advanced selling techniques, word usage, and communication skills
Introduce the WOW factor
Help you to understand and recognize your customer’s needs
Help you to sell the benefits of your facility
Absolute money back guarantee - if the participant does not find value in the training provided they will not be charged. They simply return all materials provided and we reimburse all monies paid.


$1250 per attendee (+ applicable taxes)

Special Pricing available for NAPA Sales Reps. Please contact us for more information


Advanced Service Advisor Course

*** Sponsored by NAPA ***

Attain specific Automotive Service Advisor skills and realize the true potential of your repair facility.


Role-Play Exercises:

  • Booking the next appointment
  • Presenting an Inspection
  • Presenting an Estimate
  • Presenting an Invoice
  • Performing and getting paid for Diagnosis
  • Dealing with Phone-in customers
  • Dealing with Walk-in Customers
  • Dealing with upset customers
  • Internal marketing
  • Growing referral business
  • Managing a TEAM
  • MFM - My Fault Management

In this course you will:

  • Learn to present inspections on every vehicle for maintenance and safety
  • Utilize proper scheduling systems and procedures
  • Attain proper technician to Service Advisor Ratio
  • Book the Next Appointment Window Sticker Program each and every time
  • Work order write-up tools & parts matrixing Programs
  • Utilize a consistent, customer value added Maintenance Program
  • Have a Team Labour Management System (TLMS) in place
  • Utilize proper Diagnostic Systems & Procedures using diagnostic labour rate

Plus many more topics designed to impress and retain your best clients!

This course is for shop owners & service advisors.


Absolute money back guarantee, if the participant does not find value in the training provided, they will not be charged.  They simply return all materials provided and we will reimburse all monies paid.

Fee: $1495.00 + tax for three days, per person, includes lunch and beverages as well as all training materials.