"I have been an independent automotive repair facility for the last 30 years and a NAPA Autopro for the last 6. We became involved in the T.A.C.T program in the spring of 2007. We participate in every monthly Proshop meeting, have sent our entire 8 person staff to the SIP 3 day course twice and I have personally been to it four times. My business and I are committed to this program because we have seen results that are directly attributed to the T.A.C.T program. Year-to-date (Sept 2011) I have seen our labour sales increase 22% year over year. It has been a long process developing our shop year after year but the T.A.C.T group have supported us and continue to support us the entire way. I believe in the program and look forward to further building our relationship with T.A.C.T.

Thank you to everyone at T.A.C.T that has assisted & supported us over the year."

Roy Hinbest
Roy’s Service Centre

"Every shop owner should take this course at least once. The enrollment fee is recoverable 10 times over."

Kelly D
Carstairs West Automotive Ltd.
Carstairs, AB

"I cannot emphasize enough the trueness and sincerity of the following statement. THIS TRAINING HAS CHANGED AND IMPROVED OUR LIFE IN A VERY POSITIVE WAY!"

Jim V
Columbia Auto Service
Waterloo, ON

"We started our PROShop Advanced Management Training a year ago. With the systems and procedures we now have in place, I have gone on vacation for the first time in a long time, work less hours, have far less stress and financially things are looking up."

Guy S
Tusket Ultra Mart
Tusket, NS

"Excellent course. I would pay double for this information. This is great for owners, service advisors and technicians."

Justin W.
Midtown Muffler & Brake
Lethbridge, AB

"This is by far the best return on my money I have gotten as a shop owner."

Robert M
Access Automotive
Edmonton, AB

"Since being involved with the PROShop Advanced Management Training, we now run a more productive, more efficient and more organized business."

Brian & Terry Lynn P
Moncton, NB

"Needed tool if you want to get ahead in the automotive industry."

John S
Smitty's Automotive
Edmonton, AB

"I have been involved with a lot of different shop management training but the difference with PROShop is the continuous training to keep me focused. This is the key to success."

James M
Moore Automotive
Amherst, NS

"Nothing short of sensational. What an eye opener this 4 module course was. It has made a huge impact on my business. Increased my bottom line by 5-10%."

Jeff R
Center City Tire & Auto
Red Deer, AB