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Did you know


Independent Automotive Repair facilities (any shop other than a dealership) operate at under 55% productivity. (Technicians are only generating revenue 55% of the hours they are open for business). Do you know what the bench mark is?

Higher door rates do not always translate into higher take home revenue. Higher productivity does!

Most automotive repair facilities lose money or are not nearly as profitable as their invested time and effort should indicate.  This is mostly due to a lack of professional well trained front counter support, with proper systems and procedures in place. (Professional Service Advisors)

The customer should not be penalized by higher labour rates just because we cannot properly manage all our available resources which generate revenue.

Without exception, every other professional industry acquires management training on an ongoing annual basis.

Most Automotive Repair facilities are owned and operated by technicians and so their focus is on training (when they can afford the time and money) for technical skills not management skills.

Technicians can try to work smarter and harder, however if management does not invest in the training and support necessary to provide continual work for the techs in a very productive organized fashion, the end result will not differ much from the past.